HI. My name is Tony Curl and I have a real concern with the State of Men's Health. I know so many of my friends and mates, and see hundreds of others that carry that extra weight around their guts. The badge of honour called a Beer Gut. Unhealthy is a nice way to say it. An absolute killer is another. I want everyone to know my story and for you to realise that YOU can change your life and improve your health. Transform your life, all you need is the desire to change.
Please read MY STORY first, then click through the pages. Would love to hear from others and only too willing to help anyone who takes the step to help themselves. Overall I have lost over 29kg, transformed my life and now have kept it off for over twelve months. The proof that you can still drink beer and transform your body.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

47 Today and Loving It.

I'm 47 today and just had to add to me blog. Still sitting here weighing what I did when I left school in 1983. I'm part of the organising committee for our grades 30 year reunion and pretty pumped that my mindset and body are one and the same from when I first met my school buddies. You can do this too.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Manly Gone!!

Manly have said goodbye to NRL 2012 being smashed 40-12 by the Melbourne Storm at AAMI park in front of a crowd over 25,000. Manly have been described as ordinary, but the Melbourne Storm were methodical and covered everything that Manly even looked like bringing to the table.

So Melbourne are the first team through to the Big Dance, and just who will join them. Whoever it is.....they have a big task to knock over this Storm outfit.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 3 of the Blitz

Hi Team. I'm on Day 3 of the BT Bodysculpt 6 week Blitz and I'm feeling fantastic. Sculpting resistance bands sessions combined with adding some good fats into my diet every 72hours, is making me feel on top of the world. I have just finished breakfast on day 3 and getting ready to charge into the day ahead, as I have already done my 40 minute walk. I'm ready to go.

And just for the record...I'm day 10 now alcohol free as I am committed to getting this extra baggage off. Charge on!

Monday, July 2, 2012

BT Bodysculpt 6 Week Blitz

Ok...So here we are midway through 2012 and I have experienced a three week vacation to the USofA, as well as taken on a new job role. Accordingly, I haven't looked after myself as much as I could have and I certainly enjoyed the Pale Ales and IPA's available in America.

To that end, I have joined up with a group of Bodytrim Legends and devotees, to smash out a six week Blitz on Bodysculpt, to drop the kilos gained and to get me back into the shape that I want to be, as per picture above taken mid-2011.

Current weight is 92.9 and Body Fat is 21.6% and I look forward to sharing my results as I progress. It has now been a week without a beer and 42 days to go, before I have my next.

If you want to jump on board, just throw me a line.